Zeebarf a.k.a. Jay Ziebarth is an internet cartoonist, award winning game designer and former TV actor and writer. His work has not only been featured in books, calendars and greeting cards; it has also circled the globe in viral email forwards.

Jay also co-created the Gemini Award winning Canadian animated TV series "SONS OF BUTCHER". In addition to being the lead character designer, he also starred in the series as the jive talking janitor "Doug Borksi". Sons of Butcher currently airs in 150 countries.

After two seasons, Sons of Butcher was cancelled and Jay has finally returned home to the internet, where he has redefined himself as a creator of Indie Adventure games.

Previous Clients

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and companies. Here's a sample of some I've had the pleasure of collaborating with.