The Several Journeys of Reemus

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Prologue: Lair of the Ant Queen

COMING SOON! In a tucked away corner in the land of Moniker sits the kingdom of Fredricus. Though not as bustling as the kingdom of Danricus or as mighty as the kingdom of Donricus, Fredricus rides a wave of celebrity all of its own; Sitting happily on the tongues of townsfolk as the home of the mightiest dragon slayer that ever lived.

Beloved by the people, feared by outlaws and hated by dragons this champion brought justice and peace to the land, saving villages and maidens wherever he traveled.

This story is about that guy's brother... Overshadowed by the exploits of his famous sibling, Reemus the insect exterminator and his sidekick, Liam the purple bear set out on a journey to create a legacy of their own.

Chronicling their adventures in the form of epic ballads, they search every dark corner in the land for adventure and glory. Hoping someday their escapades will find their way into local folklore, thus granting them lifelong celebrity status and free drinks in every tavern in the countryside.

This quest won't be easy. In fact it may take several journeys of varying degrees of difficulty and length to complete. But our duo will stop at nothing to achieve it! When word spreads of a particularly nasty ant infestation at the Lazy Eye Inn Bed & Breakfast, Reemus and Liam set off to offer up their services in what will certainly be the first of several journeys.

"I remember playing this game when i was younger, and it was quite challenging for me at that age, which is a good thing in my opinion, testing my patience and timing skills etc. Great job Zeebarf for creating a pretty rad game... Good Job indeed!"

- ThatArkenalGuy, June 3, 2016,

"Amazing! This game is very original and the ideas put forth in the worlds you travel through are really thought out and make for a good story. I remember playing this game and instantly getting addicted and every chapter gets a little better and more complex."

- Goodle56727, May 21, 2011,