The Visitor

Now on iOS and Android for the FIRST TIME!

Back by popular demand, available on devices using Apple's iOS and Google's Android, The Visitor is a point and click game following the exploits of a tiny alien creature. Redesigned for the mobile era, guide this alien parasite through its new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure, complete strategic tasks and puzzling challenges to complete this story, but it doesn't end there. See if you can find all three alternate endings before your friends...


"I've probably known this game since the day it came out, i always come back for some nostalgia but i absolutely loved this game more than anything when i was a kid. Such a cool game, still appreciated today"

- jaiseman12341, September 4, 2015,

"Wicked cool! Yup, best point and click game I've played, super fun and cool, and it is the perfect game! Gory and... let me say it... hilarious! Found all 3 endings, AND THEY ARE GREAT!! This is truly your thing bro, congratulations"

- CoLomBiaSauriO, December 30, 2011,

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